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a native Puerto Rican, obtained an M.A. in Sociology from The New School for Social Research. Pablo was heavily involved in the Occupy Sandy relief effort as a site coordinator for the network’s first donation and volunteer distribution hub and helped design the Worker Owned Rockaway Coopeartives program that emerged from it. Through his participation in Occupy Wall Street, he helped co­found various projects, including the Spanish language newspaper Indig­nación and the Spanish General Assembly. Pablo is connected to networked movements in Spain and Mexico through his most recent reserach project with “Networks, Movements, and Technopolitics” at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute at the University of Catalunya and his involvement in the Ayotzinapa.

Video: Self-Organizing Decentralized Network


Samantha Corbin presents the basic principles of Self-Organizing as part of the Swarm Training organized by Ayni Institute. In it, Sam lays out Movement Netlab's approach to differentiating between decentralized networks and formal organizations, including the elements of each network and the conditions needed to cultivate healthy networks.

Video: Self-Organizing Decentralized Network2017-11-16T14:45:10-05:00

Living Resource Systems: A New Approach for Supporting Movement Networks


Living Resource Systems A New Approach for Supporting Movement Networks The last five years have seen an unprecedented wave of mobilization on a global scale: Movements have emerged all over the world Overthrown dictatorships [Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia] Taken back democracy in Spain [15M] Shifted the national conversation towards economic inequality [Occupy] Challenged the permissibility of [...]

Living Resource Systems: A New Approach for Supporting Movement Networks2017-11-16T14:45:10-05:00

Now Hiring: Community of Practice Project Coordinator


Movement Netlab is looking for a Project Coordinator for our first ever community of practice!  The community of practice will bring together 5-6 social justice groups and organizations for 9 months to learn about, and implement decentralized network structures.   The project coordinator would be responsible for:   Coordinating all participants in the program Scheduling [...]

Now Hiring: Community of Practice Project Coordinator2017-11-16T14:45:10-05:00



  Led by the Barcelona reaserch group at the University of Cataluya, members of Movement Netlab collaborated in the design and administration of this important survey of the Occupy Network, three years after the encampements. What follows are some the prelimanary results from the survey. #OccupySurvey According to our recent OccupySurvey2014, launched on the third anniversary [...]


Video: Movement Netlab at From Protest to Power

2020-09-16T12:27:04-04:00 Tammy Shapiro presented the latest version of the Movement Netlab presentation at the From Protest to Power conference at Ford Foundation. Besides MNL, the conference features amazing interventions by  Leah Hunt-Hendrix Solidaire, Taj James Movement Strategy Center, Jackie Mahendra Citizen Engagement Lab, Thenjiwe McHarris Blackbird, and Carlos Saavedra Ayni Institute.  

Video: Movement Netlab at From Protest to Power2020-09-16T12:27:04-04:00

Welcome to the Post Political-Party Era


By Bernardo Guitierrez Madrid, Barcelona and other major Spanish cities are now governed by independent citizen fronts called “confluences.” Ahora Madrid, Barcelona en Comú, Zaragoza en Común and La Marea Atlántica (A Coruña) are confluences weaved together by the M15-Indignados social ecosystem. Other political parties, like Podemos and Equo, have joined these confluences while leaving political [...]

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Our Mission


The Movement Netlab is a practice-centered ‘think-make-and-do tank’. We are comprised of movement-based activists, organizers, and researchers whose goal is to help develop powerful conceptual and practical tools that help facilitate the growth and effectiveness of the most dynamic, emerging social movements of our time. As experienced practitioners with decades of combined experience, we believe [...]

Our Mission2017-11-16T14:45:11-05:00