Video: Movement Netlab at From Protest to Power

2020-09-16T12:27:04-04:00 Tammy Shapiro presented the latest version of the Movement Netlab presentation at the From Protest to Power conference at Ford Foundation. Besides MNL, the conference features amazing interventions by  Leah Hunt-Hendrix Solidaire, Taj James Movement Strategy Center, Jackie Mahendra Citizen Engagement Lab, Thenjiwe McHarris Blackbird, and Carlos Saavedra Ayni Institute.  

Video: Movement Netlab at From Protest to Power2020-09-16T12:27:04-04:00

Our Mission


The Movement Netlab is a practice-centered ‘think-make-and-do tank’. We are comprised of movement-based activists, organizers, and researchers whose goal is to help develop powerful conceptual and practical tools that help facilitate the growth and effectiveness of the most dynamic, emerging social movements of our time. As experienced practitioners with decades of combined experience, we believe [...]

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