This summary and video is based on the teachings of Pan Africanist Nationalism by Brother D B Aammaa Nubyahn

Our people’s collective well-being demands that We control Our own circumstances. However, a lot more preparation is needed in order to progress toward this goal. We are in a very precarious period, and time is of the essence. However, the small portion of Our population who make a point of participating in pro-Black activities is largely distracted from this preparatory work. While We usually don’t realize it, these activities are mainly set up and conducted according to various psychological needs and personal preferences of the participants. Groups, events, and projects are not often designed to run in line with Our people’s long term needs read more. Yet, this error is not readily apparent. The training of tight-knit core groups can provide the coordination that effectively clarifies and utilizes Our various psychological states and preferences, while minimizing the distortion and setbacks these often cause. These teams also form the basis for solving many other problems as We prepare to run Our own affairs.

This was not intended to be a manual for fulfilling Our preparatory needs, but it can serve as a start. Hopefully it will help in making “Ourself,” Our collective-self, the key project at this time. Not the only work, but the focus of Our work. Without folks who are more effective, Our efforts are just vanity. We must move away from mainly satisfying the need to feel like We’re doing something. Instead of acting like activists let’s prepare Our folks to operate like operatives in the cause of African Collective-Self-Control.

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You can also check out Brother D B Aammaa Nubyahn provocative video on “Fighting for Justice is Justice a Distraction” as supplement to the reading by clicking on the video in this post.