We try to practice what we preach, so our work is done in collaboration with other movement collaboratives and networks across 5 overlapping clusters or working groups.  These include:

Theory & Materials

We develop theory, then produce educational materials on networked movements through videos, slideshows, handbooks and toolkits.  We place a high value on producing clear visual images and narratives that make complicated concepts easy to understand.

Training & Implementation

We work with movement leaders and organizations to help them better understand and assess their own movements.  We help participants’ become well-versed in basic network concepts, while supporting movement leaders in being able to utilize the materials independently in their own work, as well as create communities of practice to implement networked movement practices in real time.  We present at conferences and trainings.

We have worked in collaboration with: Black Lives Matter-NYC, Wildfire Project, Beautiful Trouble, If Not Now, The Peoples Climate Movement, and many more.

Digital Tools Research & Deployment

We work with networked movements to find, develop and deploy digital tools for improved network communication and coordination.  We are currently collaborating with GLOCAL to deploy an Activist Network Platform for the Movement for Black Lives.

Funding Movement Networks

We work with movement funders to re-think how resources can be more effectively mobilized, structured and distributed to gain the many benefits of networked strategies.

Electoral Insurgency

We need to totally rethink what political participation looks like in this country.  Inspired by the municipalist revolution in Spain and electoral insurgencies in other parts of the world, we are doing first-hand research, forging international collaborations, and exploring tools and processes for increased democratic participation.