Project Description

The ANP is an online movement platform  designed to support the growth of self-generated organizing around a  specific cause within a decentralized network.

Groups connected by a  common purpose come together under a unified banner, and create their  own initiative within the network that contributes to the overall goals.  It allows activists and organizers to create a space in which actions  and projects have their own presence within the broader network. News,  events and user profiles from all of the projects and actions are shared  across the network and published on the main site.

Individual users can  sign up to join or start initiatives of their choosing, and groups can  send initiative-specific newsletters to their membership.

The key  difference between the ANP and other campaign-style platforms is that it  is specifically designed to support the growth of decentralized  movement networks rather than just get the word out on specific  initiatives. It does this by distributing news of all of the projects  and actions across the entire network, and by giving groups the ability  to create their own identity within the network, and then collaborate with others.