platformWe are experiencing movement moments that are having more and more impact, and happening with increasing frequency, partly due to the technical developments of the last few years.

Network movements across the globe have embraced the use of different tools and applications that have facilitated communication, collaboration and decision making. These tools are most effective when they mirror the way we organize in person and enhance our ability to organize, by providing new ways of interacting, visualizing relationships, identifying resources, decentralize decision making, and building momentum and trust.  These technical tools do not work on their own, but support the vast networks of people mobilizing across the globe. They allow us to continue to connect with each other, and the outside world 24/7.

The Movement Netlab Tool Library is an attempt to compile some of the tools most widely used by movements across the globe.

Movement Netlab also hopes to work with a team to create an integrated platform that will better support decentralized, self organized networks and mirror the best practices we have learned about decentralized organizing in person. If you would be interested in working with us on this project, please email



is a new way of communicating that allows groups of any size to express themselves and, by this means, allows them to participate in many communication scenarios, their access to which has not been possible.