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About Tamara Shapiro

was one of the lead strategists and facilitators of the InterOccupy network and has gained a reputation for virtual communication platforms and project coordination. Since InterOccupy she was one of the lead coordinators of Occupy Sandy as well as Rockaway Wildfire and Worker Owned Rockaway Cooperatives that emerged from it, and created and implemented a networked hub structure for the Peoples Climate March.

Resource Mobilization for Movement Building Retreat


This an invitation for foundation trustee members, executives, program officers, as well as major donors, donor organizers, and resource mobilizers who work directly with organizers and activists on the ground to create a space of learning and reflection on how we are deploying resources to the movements of our time.  With the emergence of the Dreamers movement, People's Climate [...]

Resource Mobilization for Movement Building Retreat2017-11-16T14:45:10-05:00

Movement Netlab: The Beginning


One basic premise of Movement Netlab is that we can accomplish great things when we organize ourselves into groups, or clusters, based around what we are most passionate about.  Sometimes these clusters last for years. Sometimes only for months.  But we learn something with every experiment, and this knowledge then gets shared with the larger [...]

Movement Netlab: The Beginning2017-11-16T14:45:11-05:00

New Platform Statement


We are experiencing movement moments that are having more and more impact, and happening with increasing frequency and we need the tools to match our creativity and ingenuity. We will be more effective if our virtual communication platforms mirror the way we organize ourselves in person.  These virtual spaces allow us to continue to connect [...]

New Platform Statement2017-11-16T14:45:11-05:00