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is one of the lead organizers of Black Lives Matter in New York City, and is a philanthropic strategist and capacity-builder. Much of his work has been developing transformative ways to support and fund organizations and individuals in building social movements. He cut his teeth as the International Network Coordinator for the Youth RISE network for young people impacted by drug use. He has been organizing toward achieving equity and justice for vulnerable children and families & has studied network theory and social movements for over 10 years.

Crisis Pimping or Preparedness? Investing in Social Movement Encapsulation


On October 4th 2016, I joined a team of Black Lives Matter national and Mid-West organizers, including local Black organizers from Columbus, Ohio. We came to organize in response to the killing of Tyre King, a 13 year old Black boy shot in the back of the head by police on an alleged would be [...]

Crisis Pimping or Preparedness? Investing in Social Movement Encapsulation2017-11-16T14:45:10-05:00

Movement Cycles in the Struggle for Black Lives


  As social movement organizers we at Movement Netlab are holding a mix of emotions right now. First, we are devastated and outraged. Delrawn Small Dempsey, Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile’s names have been added to the long chronicle of black death and trauma that stretches back through this country’s inception, and everyday the family, [...]

Movement Cycles in the Struggle for Black Lives2017-11-16T14:45:10-05:00

The Focus is “Ourself” (Summary)


This summary and video is based on the teachings of Pan Africanist Nationalism by Brother D B Aammaa Nubyahn Our people’s collective well-being demands that We control Our own circumstances. However, a lot more preparation is needed in order to progress toward this goal. We are in a very precarious period, and time is of the essence. [...]

The Focus is “Ourself” (Summary)2017-11-16T14:45:10-05:00

#BlackLivesMatter+Movement Net Lab: How We Got Here


Allen Kwabena Frimpong: For nearly a decade, I’ve organized within institutions and in communities internationally. Eventually, I would become a part of Black Lives Matter NYC through my involvement in planning the Black Lives Matter ride to Ferguson in August 2014. I met Arielle Newton at a small gathering of Black organizers hosted by Thenjiwe [...]

#BlackLivesMatter+Movement Net Lab: How We Got Here2017-11-16T14:45:11-05:00